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When A Cookie Becomes A Kindness

Little things count. They really do. Just ask an eight year old girl and her mother.

It happened this June in Athens, Georgia, otherwise known as The Holy City to those of us who love the University of Georgia. The Myers family was enjoying the day touring the University and the city and, as will happen when you've got kids among you, somebody needed to use the restroom. How many times did we hear "I gotta potty!" when our boys were younger, and often in the most inopportune places?

Nature, in this instance, was calling eight year old Avery Myers. As my buddy Mark Sanders once said when we were growing up, "When Mother Nature calls, you don't give her a busy signal." Christie, Avery's mom, set out with her daughter to find an open and available bathroom, a task that should be simple in a place bustling with shops like downtown Athens. Except for that little coronavirus thing, remember?

They spied an open Subway and hustled inside. Avery started for the back of the restaurant, probably experiencing that familiar "I think I'm going to make it" feeling of relief. But there was a problem - because of the epidemic, bathrooms were reserved for only paying customers.

Another problem reared its head. Christie had walked away and left her wallet . No money means no purchase means no paying customer means little Avery might just be getting desperate. I've been in her shoes, and her mother's, and neither are good places to be.

But a Subway in Athens, when you're desperate for a bathroom, is a good place to be. Especially if Latavious Brini and Jalen Kimber are in there with you. Seeing the problem, they spoke up and bought Avery a cookie - I like to think it was chocolate chip! - and Avery was now officially a paying customer and free to use the facilities. Which she did, and then she enjoyed her cookie.

I'm kind of proud that Mr. Brini is a junior at the University and Mr. Kimber is a freshman, and that both are members of the Bulldogs football team. I bet I know one family that will be watching them this fall. And what do you want to bet there's a girl in the Myers family with not one, but two favorite players? Little acts of kindness can go a long, long way.

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