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Of Elections, Power, and Allegiance

In the suburban/rural world in which I live, I'd say the Trump signs way outnumber the Biden ones. That's in Georgia, so things may be different in other states and in communities that are more urban, or perhaps even more rural. I'm not prognosticating, just observing.

South of my community, down in Meriwether County, I've seen a bunch of JESUS 2020 signs, all of which are of similar design and appear to have been made by a single source. In my home county, Fayette, I saw one hyping a different message - ANY FUNCTIONING ADULT 2020. Pretty obvious what they think of the slate of candidates, I guess.

I confess I've never totally understood the whole political sign phenomenon, especially since I can't imagine how a sign in a yard would influence my vote. Or in a bunch of yards. Or a bunch of signs, all touting the same candidate, in a single yard. Given the popularity of them, they must have some impact, or at least the candidates and their consultants think so.

Before we know it, our votes will be cast and counted and the signs either stashed or tossed. And we'll turn our attention to figuring out what it all means and what effect it will have on our daily lives.

I've never missed voting in a state or national election - I'm not sure that I've ever missed a local election, but there must have been at least one over the last almost 40 years - and I have no intention of sitting one out, as long as I can help it. That's why I voted today, Wednesday October 28, and was proud and happy to do so. My political opinions are strongly held, and I remain convinced voting is one of the highest rights and greatest responsibilities a citizen exercises. There's no way I could be my father's son if I wasn't passionate about politics and if I didn't believe they are extremely important.

But, they're not all important for the simple fact is that office holders, while powerful, pale in light of an omnipotent, omniscient God. They and their kingdoms are temporal, while the Kingdom of Heaven is a thing eternal and everlasting. Ultimately, as much as I love America, the flag, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, I realize that all stand in the shadow of the Cross and that our ultimate allegiance is to Christ, not to a party, a platform, a candidate, even our country.

That means our salvation comes not from the political sphere but from our Lord. Politics may promise a better life - and sometimes they even deliver an improved situation - but they often disappoint, and they can never provide the eternal. That belongs to Jesus Christ, and His solution is found not through the acquisition of power but through simple trust in Him and then in a life of obedience to His will and way.

So, cast your vote and debate and dialogue - civilly and respectfully - to your heart's content. And remember it's not just JESUS 2020, but forever and always.

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