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Look What Hazel Found!

One in this picture looks slightly terrified and the other looks absolutely thrilled. Miss Hazel is rightly happy, and all her family with her. Alden Miles Flanders has arrived and is thriving!

The phrase "blessings upon blessings" has been running through my mind ever since Alden was born on May 11. I find myself thinking, "What's better than one grandchild?" Well, two, of course, because love grows exponentially.

I can't wait to see the little man's personality as it develops. Will he be rough and tumble or a bit more calm and reflective? Will he love sports or music? Maybe both? Will he want to ramble in the woods? What foods will he like, and what will he avoid like the plague?

Right now, he's a big bundle of possibilities. OK, a rather small bundle, but you get the picture. We're all just watching for each little step in the unfolding adventure that is, as Hazel often calls him, "Baby Alden."

Ultimately, my dreams for him are the same as for my own sons and for his big sister. I want him to be happy, to enjoy life, and to experience the very best of what life can be. I want him to be responsible and mature, ultimately, to grow up to be a good citizen and neighbor, to be a respectable part of the community. I want him to be a hard worker, prudent with finances, and generous as well. Should he marry, my prayer is that he will be a loving and faithful husband, one who, in the words of the Bible, "cherishes the wife of his youth." Should he have children, my hope is that he will be a fantastic Daddy, one who leads by example, who loves his children deeply, and who instills the very strongest values in them.

But my highest hope and most fervent prayer is that he be a man of deep and abiding faith, one who knows and loves Jesus and who puts the Lord first in his life. I pray that every decision he makes and every action he takes will flow from his relationship with Christ and that he will walk with Him daily. And I pray that he will live assured that he is held in the palm of God's hand, no matter where he may go.

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