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It's Wedding Time!!

The countdown began for me, honestly, back in the early Spring of 2021 when our oldest son, Miles, first brought Kimberly Pritchett to have Sunday lunch with us. There was an energy about them, a closeness, something, that just felt different. But, Regina and I both knew that relationships unfold over time and that things might either change quickly, or never really develop. So, we tempered our enthusiasm and waited, somewhat impatiently, for our next opportunity to spend time with the two of them.

That didn't stop us from speculating, which we did in spades. "Could she be the one?" we'd ask each other, and then we'd spend the next ten minutes telling all the reasons we thought it was possible. We pointed out how they both seemed comfortable around the other, about how they looked at each other when talking, about how they laughed and talked easily - nothing forced - and about how they already seemed to have a rapport. They were, in short, already well on their way to being a couple. But . . . we waited. And hoped. And prayed.

We got together again. It sure seemed that things were progressing nicely. They spoke of the time they were spending together, of activities they were doing, of the fun they were having. We found out they were meeting each others' friends and that they shared many common interests. Even better, they shared the same values and their personalities meshed.

Speculation shifted to anticipation. It was becoming obvious that our son was falling head over heels in love and that Kimberly shared his feelings. Anticipation became expectation. Everyone knew we were heading to a wedding, only the date and details had to be worked out. Oh, and there had to be a proposal.

It's two days away - August 6, 2022. I think Miles and Kimberly are as excited as I am. I think they're as happy as me. I think.

Here's something I've learned in my life. It's wonderful experiencing something for myself, but it's even better when I get to see my sons' enjoying God's blessings. For example, I loved when our boys were born - I was a Daddy and all was right with the world! But watching Cole, our youngest, and Alecia, his wife, welcome Hazel into their life together is beyond words. I get the blessing of this precious child for myself, and I get a front row seat to see Alecia and Cole experiencing the thrills and joys of parenthood.

Thus, falling in love with Regina was an awesome, incredible, unbelievable thing back in 1985. Marrying her on August 9, 1986 was the highlight of my life. Now, watching each of our sons find love and watching their relationships grow with these two lovely ladies, these gifts from God, it leaves my heart on the verge of bursting. And getting to be a part of their weddings, well, it just doesn't get any better than that!

What a thrill it will be to say these words to my son early on Saturday evening, "Miles, you may kiss your bride." God is truly good!

P.S. What's not to love about a woman who smiles while wearing camouflage?

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