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Creative Isolation

Heading out for a walk the other day, I crossed paths with a group of children who live near me. They were actually split into two groups, with one family of two sisters on one side of the street and the other three children-a boy and two girls-on the other side. Normally, I see them all mixed in together running and playing in either of their yards. But not this day.

My assumption was that one group was simply bidding the other group farewell as they returned to their home. But I was wrong.

They were practicing social distancing. Coronavirus, you see, might keep them from playing together, but it wasn’t going to keep them apart. Why? Because they are friends, and they crave one another’s company and presence. So, they gather in the open air and laugh and talk across the pavement that safely divides them.

They remind me that we may be separated but we don’t have to be isolated. All it takes is a little creativity, a little intentionality.

Wasn’t it the Lord Himself who said in Genesis, “It is not good for the man to be alone?” We’re in this journey together and, even while separated, we’re never alone. After all, He promises that No matter where we go . . .

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